Structural Engineers and Building Envelope Consultants
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GMS’s fundamental philosophy is to produce a valuable product while maintaining respect for the people involved, including clients, colleagues and the general public.

GMS is committed to maintaining a high standard of ethical conduct and believes that good business and sound ethics are complimentary and symbiotic. It is our goal to foster an ethical climate that is conducive to morally responsible conduct. To that end, it is our intent to promote a combination of formal organization and policies, informal traditions and practices, and personal attitudes and commitments that promote high standards of excellence for our work and ethical commitment to the public goods promoted by our services.

In pursuit of the above, we expect high standards from our employees in four fundamental areas: honesty, competence, diligence and loyalty, all of which are essential to the company’s goals.

Honesty - being candid in stating the relevant facts and in being truthful about how the facts are interpreted.

Competence - being well trained and adequately experienced.

Diligence - to carry out tasks carefully and promptly.

Loyalty - to serve the interests of both the company and of our clients by maintaining confidentiality, and having concern for the interests of the company and our clients.

GMS places a strong emphasis on providing high levels of service and standards in all of the areas outlined above. We believe that this is key to both the professional and business growth of the company as a whole and for the growth of the employees individually, who are both the essential component of the company and, ultimately, its beneficiaries.